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Pet-welcome.com is a web portal that publishes a wide range of information for people traveling with their pets, and have need of finding accommodations, which is not always an easy task. We will publish pet friendly hotels, appartements, camps and other accommodation facilities that accept pets trough our city guides. We will try to give you information about your nearest pet shops, veterinary clinics, pharmacies, groomers, but also places of entertainment such as wellness, beaches, parks and ski resorts, restaurants and bars, and on which you can take your faithful companion.


tra 30
Discover Your Pet Secret – Pet Secret store in Zagreb

Couple of days ago we were guests at an opening of the Pet Secret store in Zagreb, a…

tra 28
Istraživanje prirode na konjima – Ivana Tilošanec

Ima li išta ljepše od provođenja slobodnog vremena u prirodi? To je još posebnije kada…

tra 21
Evolucija životinja i razvoj inteligencije kod životinjskih vrsta u budućnosti

    Svi znamo da su naši ljubimci pametni, pratimo ih svakodnavno u…

velj 14
Nagradna Igra – proglašenje

Nagradna igra OSVOJI PRSLUK ZA DRESURU PASA pet-welcome.com Proglašenje dobitnika…

sij 31
Nagradna Igra

Nagradna igra OSVOJI PRSLUK ZA DRESURU PASA pet-welcome.com – pravila nagradne…

sij 13
Centar Ritam s konjem

„Centar Ritam s konjem“ podružnica je Udruge fizioterapeuta i stručno educiranog kadra…

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