Discover Your Pet Secret – Pet Secret store in Zagreb

Couple of days ago we were guests at an opening of the Pet Secret store in Zagreb, a store with humane cosmetics for dogs. And as expected, both we and our furry friends had a great time! Cakes and treats were prepared for both guest types and we were all welcomed with open arms.

As an owner of champion show dogs, it’s super important that they are healthy and happy, and that their skin and fur is shining and well kept all year long. It’s of the utmost importance to use quality products that won’t irritate or harm your dog’s skin, to keep it in show-condition at all times! And that’s what this store is all about- happy and healthy pets! The products are easy to apply and are made for day-to-day use which is great for those pets which need a little bit more TLC. Our special boy, Croatian junior champion, Croatian show champion, Grand champion of Croatia and Champion of Serb republic, rottweiler Camaro Titanium Rott, loves the product and uses them constantly to prepare for shows or just to stay in a well-groomed state! If I had to choose one product, especially for large breed owners, it would definitely be their Aromatherapy ointment for callus, blisters and thicker skin care, which helped us get rid of our dog’s thickened skin which may occur when Your dog is laying on a hard surface. And as their products are 100% natural, I’ve never had to worry about them harming my dogs- which is always a priority. We are so grateful to have a business like this blooming right next to us, and we warmly recommend You to try their products- You’ll be amazed!


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