Flame of the Titans, Zagreb, Croatia


    Rottweiler kennel.

    Rottweilers have always been in our family, but we fell in love with cynology after we got our boy Camaro Titanium Rott (aka Otto). Thereupon we started searching for a new addition for our kennel-to-be and when we found our little star Dory od Vadanora (aka Rina) we registered our kennel with the FCI.
    Our main goal is to break breed stereotypes and show the would that rottweilers are truly amazing: they are working dogs, couch potatos, cuddle buddies and show stoppers all at once! Our moto is quality, not quantity and we are keen on giving all of our dogs the best life possible - and we try to find such homes for our puppies as well!
    Health & FCI standard go hand in hand when breeding, so we try to keep our dogs as close to the standard as possible while maintaining the best possible health! Our dogs train, run, swim and eat the best possbile food (#husse dogs) to really show what a rottweiler should be.



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